Indoor Allergies? It Could Mean Mold.

Talk to a mold remediation expert company located in Norcross, GA, who serves the entire state of Georgia

If you experience itchy eyes, a runny nose or a scratchy throat while in your home or office, call Water Restoration Pros. A certified mold inspector will visit your location to search for signs of hidden mold. If we find any, we can start the mold remediation process promptly.

Catching mold and mildew problems early is your best defense. Contact a mold remediation expert by calling our Norcross, Georgia office today. We proudly serve the entire state of Georgia! 

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Is your home or office susceptible to mold? Mold often appears when:

  • Water damage isn't treated
  • Bathrooms aren't ventilated
  • High humidity isn't regulated


A mold removal technician from Water Restoration Pros can get rid of the dangerous fungus. We can also treat your building's water damage once and for all.

We treat mold in homes and commercial buildings all across the entire state of Georgia. Set up a mold removal appointment today by calling 404-903-9513.